Shelby - The Dog Who Saved Christmas

  |  Buy to Own: 03/11/2014
  |  Watch Now: 27/10/2014
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Heart-warming Christmas adventure. When Shelby (voice of Rob Schneider) becomes tired of living in the dog pound and seeing all his friends being adopted by new families, he decides to break out and find his own home on Christmas Eve. Shelby's journey takes him straight to new owner Jake (John Paul Ruttan) and immediately the two become inseparable. The once lonely pair become best friends and Shelby helps Jake, a budding magician, master all his tricks by taking up the much wished for role of his assistant. The only thing stopping the perfect Christmas is the pursuit of Doug (Tom Arnold) the dog catcher, who won't rest until the escapee is found and returned to the pound.