Sherlock Holmes - The Classic Sherlock Holmes: Volume 1

  |  Buy to Own: 06/06/2005
  |  406 min
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Triple-bill of detective mysteries. In 'The Speckled Band' (1931), Sherlock Holmes (Raymond Massey) begins to uncover a sinister conspiracy after investigating a young girl's murder. In 'Murder at the Baskervilles' (1937), Holmes (Arthur Wonter) decides to visit an old friend, only to discover a heinous plot involving his nemesis Professor Moriarty (Lyn Harding). In 'Blake of Scotland Yard' (1937), detective Sir James Blake (Herbert Rawlinson) has retired from the force, only to be called back into action when the mysterious Scorpion steals a deadly aparatus that could be turned into an unstoppable Death Ray. Also included in this box set are eight episodes of the 1950s Sherlock Holmes TV series, starring Ronald Howard as the great detective and Howard Marion-Crawford as his assistant Dr Watson. Episodes are: 'The Case of the Night Train Riddle'; 'The Case of Lady Beryl'; 'The Mother Hubbard Case'; 'The Case of the Greystone Inscription'; 'The Case of the Christmas Pudding'; 'The Case of the Unlucky Gambler'; and 'The Case of Harry Crocker'.