Shiki: Part 2

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Episodes 13-22 of the anime set in a remote village that adheres to ancient customs. Sotoba has just over 1,000 inhabitants and lives in isolation from the modern world. Though the village doctor, Toshio Ozaki (voice of Tôru Okawa), is suspicious when three villagers die in one day, in the absence of evidence to the contrary he ascribes it to coincidence. However, when the villagers continue to die in an unusual manner it is clear that something unusual is happening in Sotoba. The episodes are: 'Thirteenth Tragedy', 'Fourteenth Death', 'Fifteenth Deceit', 'Sixteenth Skull', 'Seventeenth Killing Spirit', 'Eighteenth Death', 'Nineteenth Coffin', 'Twentieth Mourning', 'Twenty-First Slaughter' and 'The Final Hunt'.