|  Buy to Own: 17/10/2011
  |  91 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Shiver Film Poster


Spanish horror in which a boy with a rare skin condition is linked to a series of brutal murders. Santi (Junio Valverde) is afflicted by a condition known as photophobia, an allergy to light and especially sunlight. Warned by a doctor that the affliction is getting worse, he and his mother (Mar Sodupe) move to a remote mountain village in the north of Spain, where natural light is at its weakest. Their greeting at the hands of the locals is lukewarm, with an undercurrent of xenophobia, and isn't helped by the fact that a series of violent attacks coincide with their arrival. First a sheep is found horribly eviscerated, then people begin dying around Santi in similarly brutal ways. Can Santi get to the bottom of the mystery before the locals, and possibly the killer, get to him?

Contains strong bloody violence and strong language
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