Shogun Assassin The Burning The Mutilator

  |  Buy to Own: 03/12/2001
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Triple bill of 1980s exploitation classics. In 'Shogun Assassin' (1981) a master Samurai warrior refuses to work for the Emperor and the Emperor responds by sending assassins to kill the warrior's wife. The warrior flees with his young son, and together they travel around the world, waiting for the right moment to seek revenge. In 'The Burning' (1981) a group of teenagers play a prank on their summer camp caretaker only to have it badly misfire. Years later the hideously disfigured victim seeks revenge by returning to the camp with a pair of hedge clippers. Whilst in 'The Mutilator' (1985), a young boy accidentally shoots his mother dead. Ten years on, he turns up with his friends for a holiday at the family beach house and is surprised to discover his father's collection of unusual weapons. He is even more surprised when his friends start to disappear one by one, each of them meeting a bizarre and gory death.