Shooter The Italian Job Four Brothers

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  |  339 min
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Three thrillers starring Mark Wahlberg. In 'Shooter' (2007), Bob Lee Swagger (Wahlberg) is a former Marine sniper who, three years ago, participated in a failed illegal mission within Ethiopia. Now he finds that the government, or rather certain forces within it, has a vested interest in making him disappear. Living a simple life in a shack in the woods with his dog, he's tried very hard up to now to leave his former life behind but now it's game on. A bent CIA operative, Colonel Isaac Johnson (Danny Glover), appears and asks Swagger to help him foil a plot to kill the president that only he knows about. Furthermore, Johnson ups his credibility by furnishing him a massive arsenal of weaponry with which to do the job. Is this a genuine plot though, or is Swagger being elaborately set up? And anyway, has Swagger enough patriotism left in him to be coaxed into de-retiring for the sake of a country that's been trying to off him? 'The Italian Job' (2003) is a Hollywood remake of the 1969 British classic with Wahlberg playing master-thief Michael Crocker. The plan was flawless, the execution perfect. Croker pulled off a daring heist in Venice with a group of top-notch criminals and overseen by his mentor, John (Donald Sutherland). But the one thing Crocker didn't foresee was being double-crossed by one of the gang (Edward Norton). Several years later, the gangmembers have made new lives for themselves in the US, but Crocker cannot forget, and, when the opportunity arises, he gathers together the crew for a revenge heist. Finally, in 'Four Brothers' (2005), when their mother is murdered during a hold-up in a local grocery store, her four adopted sons decide to take the law into their own hands and find the man responsible for the crime. As they investigate, they discover that Jeremiah's (Andre Benjamin) dealings with a local criminal (Chiwetel Ejiofor) may have something to do with the case, and that the two policemen investigating the murder may not be quite what they seem.