Shootfighter Playing God For Hire...

  |  Buy to Own: 26/12/2001
  |  270 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


An action/thriller triple bill. In 'Shootfighter' Shootfighting is one of the most lethal forms of the profession, so when Teng and Shingo prepare to fight in the ring the outcome can only be violent. In 'Playing God' former surgeon Eugene Sands (David Duchovny) finds himself sucked into the criminal underworld when he provides some unusual medical assistance for a shady mob boss (Timothy Hutton). Sands becomes inextricably involved in the mobster's affairs, while at the same time becoming close to his seductive mistress (Angelina Jolie). Whilst in 'For Hire...' cabby and aspiring actor Mitch Lawrence (Rob Lowe) is sympathetic when one of his favourite fares, wealthy writer Lou Weber (Joe Mantegna), confides that a drug dealer he has exposed now wants him dead. However, Mitch does not feel in a position to help Lou out. A few nights later Mitch is overcome by stomach pains and taken by Lou to a doctor, who diagnoses inoperable cancer. Desperate to provide a nest egg for his pregnant wife Faye in the short time remaining to him, Mitch agrees to help Lou take out the drug dealer... for a price.