Short Circuit Flight Of The Navigator

  |  Buy to Own: 03/05/2004
  |  89 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A double bill of family adventures. In 'Short Circuit', a reclusive inventor (Steve Guttenberg) has developed a range of robots with the ability to destroy entire cities, but at a military demonstration, robot number 5 is struck by lighting and is given a life of its own. When the Authorities want it terminated, Number Five goes into hiding with a fanatical animal lover, (Ally Sheedy), and eventually becomes a pacifist. Whilst in 'Flight of the Navigator', a 12-year-old boy, David Freeman is abducted by aliens. Eight years later he returns to Earth, still as a 12-year-old but with astounding navigational powers and the ability to fly his spacecraft wherever he wants. This soon attracts the interests of top-secret government departments who view him as a security risk since his mind has become the key to travelling through time and space.