Short Fusion: Contravention

  |  Book Tickets: 27/10/2016
  |  91 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Short Fusion: Contravention Film Poster


Short filmmaking is an art form often relegated to the shadows of its more temporally demanding cousin. However, creating a good short film takes incredible skill. A well-made short film is able to create the connection, the emotion and suture of a feature in a more concentrated amount of time. Our five short film strands contain films from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, South Korea, Japan, Israel and the USA and have been selected from over 600 submission entries. Carla in 10 Seconds, Jeanne LeBlanc Blackmoor, Max Pirkis Lost Youth, Taichi Kimura Cain's Shadow, Antonio De Palo The Party, Andrea Harkin Speechless, Robin Polak