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  |  85 min
Rated PG by the BBFC


Family fantasy directed by Robert Rodriguez. Toe Thompson is an ordinary 11-year-old boy who is eager for a little excitement to brighten up his days in the town of Black Falls where life revolves around the town's booming industry, the production of Mr Black's Black Box, a communications gadget that is a must-have for every household in America, but is of little interest to Toe. When Toe receives a bump on the head, courtesy of a strange rainbow-coloured rock, things get considerably more exciting as this special rock can grant its holder any wish he or she desires. As more and more wishes are granted, the town reels in the aftermath, with spaceships and crocodiles running wild. When word gets out about the rock and its power, the adults of Black Falls are determined to get their hands on it and this spells real trouble, so Toe and his friends must try and stop the wishes getting even more out of control in order to save their town.

Contains comic threat and mild crude humour
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