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  |  79 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
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Time travelling sci-fi drama. After the death of his wife, Lovell (T.J. Thyne)'s life has been thrown into chaos as each time he falls asleep he wakes up at a different time of his existence; one day he's 20 the next he's 90. Forced to experience his own life out of chronological sequence, Lovell tries to peace together what's wrong with him as his history is reconfigured before his eyes. Unable to remind himself of events from the previous day and not knowing when he's going to wake up, Lovell struggles to find meaning for his existence as his disjointed journey seems to be being executed for some higher purpose. He discovers the answer may lie with a young girl who tells him that she knows what's happening to him and there's someone he has to save along his journey - all he has to do is pay attention.