Silk Safe Harbour Laws Of Attraction

  |  Buy to Own: 20/10/2008
  |  302 min
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Triple bill of love stories. 'Silk' (2007) is the story of a married silkworm smuggler, Herve Joncour (Michael Pitt), living in 19th Century France who, while travelling to Japan to collect his clandestine cargo, glimpses a beautiful, mysterious woman, the concubine of a local baron, with whom he becomes obsessed. Although they share no common language, they communicate through letters until the onset of war. But even the war's intervention fails to put a stop to their unrequited love, and Herve's wife, Helene (Keira Knightley), begins to suspect something is going on. 'Safe Harbour' (2007) is based on Danielle Steel's novel about the entwined fates of a grieving young widow and a devastated artist. Both feel as though they have lost everything until they find a thread of hope in one another on a remote, fog-shrouded California beach. Finally, in 'Laws of Attraction' (2004), Pierce Brosnan plays Daniel Rafferty, a high-powered and media-savvy New York divorce lawyer who, between cases, finds time to promote his latest bestselling legal books on a string of talk shows. Julianne Moore plays Audrey Woods, also a divorce lawyer at the top of her profession, but with a style that is the total opposite to Daniel's. Methodical, hard-working and accurate, she has never lost a case. The two attorneys meet when they find themselves on opposite sides of a contentious divorce between a rock star (Michael Sheen) and his feisty fashion designer wife (Parker Posey), whose bone of contention is a magnificent Irish castle that neither are prepared to relinquish. Audrey and Daniel, one on each side of this high-profile case, travel to Ireland to take depositions on behalf of their respective clients. Once there, a mutual attraction that has slowly been developing between the two ends up in a wild and drunken night at an Irish country festival - and to their surprise and dismay they wake up the next morning to find themselves married. How will they face the impending divorce hearings - and the media circus that is sure to follow - as man and wife?