Simon And Laura

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  |  85 min
Rated PG by the BBFC
Simon And Laura Film Poster


'50s drama predicts the phenomenon of reality TV some decades later. In the days of limited viewing options for those lucky enough to have a telly, producers scratch their heads to come up with original ideas. Someone hits on the idea of having a show based on the lives of a real life couple - the cameras in their home showing their ups and downs. The couple they choose for the pilot, however, Simon and Laura Foster (Peter Finch and Kay Kendal) prove to be less than idea subjects. Though the pair are stage thespians of some note, their relationship is not as it seems and in fact, Simon is boarding a train to move back to his mother's when his agent offers him the gig. Soon he's pitching woo at the show's writer Janet (Muriel Pavlow) and Laura's not happy.

Contains mild sex references and comedy violence
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