Simon Magus The Nine Lives Of Thomas Katz

  |  Book Tickets: 08/01/1999
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  |  185 min
Rated PG by the BBFC
Simon Magus The Nine Lives Of Thomas Katz Film Poster


Double-bill of surreal fantasy dramas from director Ben Hopkins. In 'Simon Magus' (1999), Noah Taylor plays Simon, a young Jewish man cast out from his community when he claims that the Devil is talking to him and that he has magical abilities. Simon soon finds himself caught up in a bitter land deal however, when local entrepreneur Dovid Bendel (Stuart Townsend) decides to build a railway station. A businessman from the nearby gentile community demands that Simon use his powers to influence the deal, so that he can profit from the sale instead, and Simon finds himself torn between the community that has rejected him, and the community that wants to exploit him. 'The Nine Lives of Thomas Katz' (2000) is set in a London on the brink of the apocalypse. A solar eclipse is imminent and madness has infected the populace, and when the mysterious Thomas Katz (Tom Fisher) emerges from the sewers, a blind policeman with a strange connection to the spirit world (played by Ian McNeice) recognises that Thomas is somehow the locus for the approaching storm. Will he be able to solve the mystery, and save the world?

Contains mild violence, language, threat and scary moments
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