|  Buy to Own: 24/07/2000
  |  102 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Simpatico Film Poster


Twenty years ago, Vincent 'Vinnie' Webb (Nick Nolte), Lyle Carter (Jeff Bridges) and Vinnie's girlfriend, Rosie (Sharon Stone), made a fortune in a racing scam and thereby ruined the career of commissioner Darryl Simms (Albert Finney). Now Carter and Rosie are married and the former has become a millionaire stud breeder, while Vinnie is a down-and-out who hasn't seen his former partners in years. When Vinnie gets in touch, Carter agrees to see him for old times' sake, but their reunion leads to a trail of guilt, betrayal and revenge which threatens to consume them all.

Passed '15' for some strong sexual images and strong language
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