Sleeping Beauty

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  |  101 min
Rated 18 by the BBFC


Drama in which a young, female student is drawn further and further into a sexual underworld. Lucy (Emily Browning) is a young woman who works several part-time, noncommittal jobs. It is fairly clear that her personal relationships are of a similarly shallow and fleeting nature; Lucy is alienated from her alcoholic mother and the closest thing she appears to have to a genuine friend is the self-destructive Birdmann (Ewen Leslie). When she applies for the role of 'Silver Service Waitress', Lucy is introduced to the bizarre world of Clara (Rachael Blake). Clara operates as the maitre d' of an establishment that caters to the eccentric sexual tastes of rich men. Lucy soon finds herself being drugged in order to play the role of 'Sleeping Beauty' and slipping into a world beyond her control.

Contains strong sexual threat, nudity and very strong language
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