Snakes On A Plane

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  |  105 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Thriller starring Samuel L. Jackson. A young man named Sean Jones (Nathan Phillips) witnesses vicious and powerful mobster Eddie Kim (Byron Lawson) brutally murder a prosecutor bent on putting the crime mogul behind bars. Soon Kim's men raid Jones' house and attempt to kill him, but are stopped by Nelville Flynn (Jackson), an experienced FBI agent who convinces Jones to fly to LA to testify against Kim. Aboard the flight are an obnoxious British Businessman, a famous Hip Hop star, an anxious man with severe flight anxiety and his wife, a young woman and her dog, and a ticking crate full of vicious and venomous snakes unleashed by an assassin to bring down the plane along with the witness to Kim's brutal murder. Can the passengers come together to survive or will Kim's plot succeed?

Contains strong language, sex and bloody violence
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