|  Book Tickets: 14/10/2011
  |  140 min
Rated PG by the BBFC


Bollywood drama in which a well-travelled man's attempts to settle down in a quiet village are interrupted by a boy claiming to be his son. Ajayan (Mohanlal) left his homeland to seek out his fortune. Wearing of travelling, he uses the money he has earned to buy a small farm in the village where he was raised and moves in with his mother, Ammukutty (Sheela). Ajayan is content with his new life, but a shadow is cast over him when a boy from the village begins to claim that he is Ajayan's son and the rest of the village - including Ammukutty - appear to believe the claims. Ajayan sets out to prove that he isn't the boy's father, but, as his mother becomes increasingly close to the child, he may be fighting a losing battle.

Contains one scene of mild violence
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