Sniper - 23 Days of Fear in Washington D.C.

  |  Buy to Own: 13/09/2004
  |  86 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
Sniper - 23 Days of Fear in Washington D.C. Film Poster


Dramatic reconstruction of the events that took place in Washington D.C in October 2002, when anonymous snipers randomly targeted unsuspecting residents without regard to age, race or gender over a 23-day period. Police Chief Charles Moose (Charles S. Dutton) arrives at work to hear the news of a shooting in a nearby suburb. A landscaper mowing a lawn has been shot at long range. The details are eerily similar to a homicide he investigated the evening before, in which a shopper leaving a grocery store was gunned down in the same manner....

Contains serial killer theme, moderate violence and language
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