Soldier Of God

  |  Buy to Own: 09/04/2007
  |  Watch Now: 28/09/2009
  |  92 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Epic adventure set in the Middle East in the late 12th Century. As the story opens, the Knights Templar, a religious order originally assigned to protect Christian pilgrims, has disintegrated from chivalric order and justice into dissolute chaos, as its individual factions vie with one another for power and control. Rene (Tim Abell), a 'warrior-monk' who counts himself among the Templars' ranks, watches as the Christian army surrounding him is all but extinguished in the 1187 battle at the Horns of Hattin. At the last minute, with his own execution only minutes away, Rene is abducted by Brigands on the battlefield, then manages to escape his captors and flees into the desert, where he faces almost certain death from dehydration. At the last minute, Hasan (William Mendieta), an enigmatic Muslim traveler, saves Rene's life, and Rene thanks his new friend, in return, by saving him from Saladin's invading forces. The two ultimately seek refuge at the home of the widow Soheila (Mapi Galan), who nurses the injured Hasan back to full health.