Soul Eater: Complete Series Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 14/03/2011
  |  119 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 51 episodes of the fantasy anime series originally created by Atsushi Okubo. Maka (voice of Laura Bailey) and Soul (Micah Solusod) attend the Death Weapon Meister Academy where they become fighting partners. Maka is Soul's 'Meister' and Soul transforms into her weapon. Another fighting duo are Black Star (Brittney Karbowski) and Tsubaki (Monica Rial), who become 'Meister' and weapon, respectively. Together with Grim Reaper (John Swasey) and his son, Death the Kid (Todd Haberkorn), the group must gather the souls of evil people to ensure they will not turn into Kishin demons. Episodes are: 'Resonance of the Soul', 'I Am the Star', 'The Perfect Young Man', 'Engage the Witch Hunter', 'Soul's Form', 'The Rumoured Freshman', 'Black Blood of Terror', 'Witch Medusa', 'Holy Legendary Sword', 'Demon Blade Masamune', 'Tsubaki, the Camellia', 'Courage That Is Not Lost to Fear', 'Man With Demon Eyes', 'The Super Written Exam', 'The Soul Eating Black Dragon', 'Fierce Battle Aboard the Ghost Ship', 'Legend of the Holy Sword 2', 'The Eve Party Nightmare', 'The Underground Battle Commences', 'The Black Blood Resonance Battle', 'May My Soul Reach You', 'The Seal Shrine', 'Dead Or Alive', 'The Battle of the Gods', 'The Death Scythes Convene', 'The Exciting and Embarrassing Trial Enrolment', '800 Years of Bloodlust', 'The Sword God Rises', 'Medusa's Revival!', 'The Red Hot Runaway Express', 'Drying Happiness!', 'Legend of the Holy Sword 3', 'Resonance Link', 'The Battle for Brew', 'Mosquito's Storm!', 'Unleash the Seven's Resonance Link!', 'The Detective's First Case', 'Asura's Temptation', 'Crona's Escape', 'The Cards Are Cut', 'Twirl Round and Round', 'Charge Baba Yaga's Castle!', 'The Last Magic Tool', 'Weakling Crona's Determination', 'Anti-Magic Wavelength', 'Warrior Or Slaughterer?', 'The Miraculous Coffee Table Flip', 'Lord Death Wields a Death Scythe', 'Asura Wakes', 'Sink Or Swim?' and 'The Word Is Bravery!'