Spike Lee Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 01/10/2007
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Collection of Spike Lee films. First up is his film about the life of the controversial black leader ' Malcolm X' (1992), who emerged from the streets to become a powerful voice for the black rights movement in America. The film follows X (Denzel Washington) from his days as a Harlem pusher, through his conversion to Islam in prison, his pilgrimage to Mecca and finally to his assassination. In 'She's gotta Have It' (1986) good-time girl, Nola Darling (Tracy Camila Johns), attempts to decide between her three steady men: caring Jamie (Tommy Redmond Hicks), self-obsessed model Greer (John Canada Terrell) and nutty bicycle messenger Mars (Spike Lee). Each makes his pitch to girl and audience alike before all three come face to face over Nola's dinner table at Thanksgiving. This is director Spike Lee's first feature film. 'Summer of Sam' (1999) is set in the heady days of punk in late Seventies Manhattan. Vinny (John Leguizamo) is determined to live up to his reputation as the neighbourhood stud, despite the devoted love of his wife Dionna (Mira Sorvino). Ritchie (Adrien Brody), meanwhile, funds his attempts to make it in the music industry by moonlighting as a male stripper. When a serial killer starts picking out his victims in their area, the finger of suspicion falls on them all.