Spooks: The Complete Season 4

  |  Buy to Own: 04/09/2006
  |  587 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 10 episodes from the fourth series of the television espionage drama, following a team of officers in MI5. In this series, as the team members of Section B are attending Danny's funeral, the church is rocked by the shockwave of a percussive blast. A bomb has exploded in a nearby market area and an American-based group calling itself Shining Dawn is claiming responsibility for the atrocity. Demanding the release of their incarcerated leader, the terrorists threaten to detonate a bomb, each designed to cause the maximum number of casualties, in central London every ten hours until their demands are met. A team of American agents with experience of dealing with Shining Dawn is brought in to The Grid to assist Section B. Among them is a English woman and former Washington agent, Juliet Shaw (Anna Chancellor), who knows more than a few sensitive secrets about Harry's (Peter Firth) past. Episodes are: 'The Special (Part 1)'; 'The Special (Part 2)'; 'Divided They Fall'; 'Road Trip'; 'The Book'; 'The Innocent'; 'Syria'; 'The Russian'; 'The Sting'; and 'Diana'.