Spy Game U-571 Stalingrad

  |  Buy to Own: 24/10/2005
  |  365 min
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Box set containing three popular action movies. 'Spy Game' (2001) is set in Vietnam in 1975. CIA veteran Nathan Muir (Robert Redford) recruits Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt) to work as a military assassin. Ten years later Muir and Bishop are working together in Beirut when Bishop falls in love with human rights activist Elizabeth Hadley (Catherine McCormack). Hadley is wanted by the Chinese, and when they finally get hold of her, Bishop goes solo and attempts to rescue her. When he also gets arrested, it falls to Muir to devise a way to save his friend's life. 'U-571' (2000) is set in 1942. With the Second World War at its height, a US naval crew intercept the distress call of a disabled German submarine, U-571, and board the vessel posing as a rescue party. On board they discover the top-secret Enigma de-coding machine, but before they can return to their own craft it is torpedoed by a genuine German rescue sub. The Americans are forced to flee in U-571, taking with them a solitary German prisoner. As they make their way through an Atlantic ocean teeming with enemy ships, the US navy crew begin to realize that their enemy is always one step ahead of them. 'Stalingrad' (1993) is set in 1943 when the Nazi Germans lost 350,000 soldiers while the Russians lost three-quarters of a million defending their city, this film follows a platoon of likeable German soldiers as they fight for every inch of the city, losing their humanity along the way. The film alternates between big battle scenes and deft characterisation as it constructs a damning indictment of war.