Spy Kids 2 - The Island of Lost Dreams

  |  Book Tickets: 06/08/2002
  |  Buy to Own: 03/10/2005
  |  Watch Now: 15/04/2011
  |  100 min
Rated U by the BBFC


Super-spies Gregorio (Antonio Banderas) and Ingrid (Carla Guigino) are back in business but this time it is their kids Carmen (Alexa Vega) and Juni (Daryl Sabara) who are enlisting their help to save the world from destruction. The kids are now official OSS spies and once again they are on the trail of a mad scientist (Steve Buscemi), who, after a botched experiment, lives on a secluded island with a gang of mutant creatures. The siblings still bicker but having learnt alot from their last mission (the first film) they are more clued up on how to deal with these pesky adults.

Contains mild language and violence
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