St Elsewhere: Series 1

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  |  1056 min
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All 22 episodes from the groundbreaking American television medical drama, the forerunner of later series such as 'ER', set in the busy St Eligius hospital in South Boston, and following the careers and personal lives of a group of ordinary doctors and nurses. In this series, Dr White (Terence Knox) makes a dangerous mistake in the operating room, the staff have to deal with a possible outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease, and Dr Auschlander (Norman Lloyd) ends up in an unlikely fistfight after meeting an old friend. Episodes are: 'Pilot'; 'Bypass'; 'Down's Syndrome'; 'Cora and Arnie'; 'Samuels and the Kid'; 'Legionnaires (Part 1)'; 'Legionnaires (Part 2)'; 'Tweety and Ralph'; 'Rain'; 'Hearts'; 'Graveyard'; 'Release'; 'Family History'; 'Remission'; 'Monday, Tuesday, Sven's Day'; 'The Count'; 'Brothers'; 'Dog Day Hospital'; 'Working'; 'Craig In Love'; 'Baron Von Munchausen'; and 'Addiction'.