St Peter's and the Papal Basilicas of Rome

  |  Book Tickets: 04/07/2016
  |  90 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
St Peter's and the Papal Basilicas of Rome Film Poster


Peter de Rome: Grandfather of Gay Porn & Trouser Bar Dir: Ethan Reid, 2014, United Kingdom, 97mins Dir: Kristen Bjorn, 2016, United Kingdom, 20mins Eyes Wide Open Cinema and Brighton & Hove Pride present the Pride Film Festival 2016. Armed with only an 8mm movie camera, Peter De Rome was an eccentric English gentleman who spent the 1960s politely asking young men to remove their clothes and “perform” on camera. Peter’s story spans eight decades both in the USA and UK with first­hand experiences from World War II to Stonewall and beyond. His work was daring yet iconic, his charm simple yet irresistible and his persuasive abilities simply unmatchable. “[Peter de Rome] managed to capture not just sex but titillation, fun and beauty in his gay pornos. Though he denies being an activist, De Rome made his films in New York at a time when homosexuality was illegal. That he managed to show men having sex, and make it domestic, unaggressive, and loving, is progressive even by today's standards.” - Leah Green, The Guardian. This will be accompanied by a controversial short erotic fantasy that was recently found in the late Peter de Rome’s collection. Set in a ‘70s gentlemen’s outfitters, the film is a softcore ode to the fetishistic love of corduroy, leather and tight trousers. With professional erotic performers, gifted amateurs and cameos from Barry Cryer and Julian Clarey, this is an aesthetically rich tribute to a moment in queer male erotic filmmaking that should not be forgotten. “The fantasy of Trouser Bar is a delightful time capsule of a film and an important one that has a tightness to it that forces you to use your imagination, to be titillated by the unknown and the unexpected.” - The New Current A £1 donation from every ticket purchased will be given to The Rainbow Fund.