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  |  77 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Stalker Film Poster


Horror in which a troubled writer retreats to a remote country mansion to work on her difficult second novel only to find herself facing more immediate problems. Paula Martin (Anna Brecon) may have had a novel published to some success but she remains a troubled figure. Her publisher suggests that getting away from things might help Paula focus on her work again and so she heads out to Crows Hall, a family home in the countryside. Life in the remote and somewhat spooky house seems, if anything, to make Paula more jumpy, so when Linda (Jane March), a PA apparently sent by the publisher, arrives, Paula is initially delighted with the company. However, when events in the house become even more strange and disconcerting, Paula begins to wonder if Linda really is who she claims...

Contains strong gory violence and language
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