Stanley Kubrick Collection

  |  225 min
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Box set containing three classic movies from acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick. In 'The Killing' (1956), Johnny Clay (Sterling Hayden) gets out of prison after a five-year stint and begins to put together plans for a million dollar race track heist. As he gathers his crew together, it seems that Johnny's plan is fool-proof and is sure to go off without a hitch. However, when gang member George Peatty (Elisha Cook Jr) tells his wife (Marie Windsor) about the plans, and she in turn tells her boyfriend (Vince Edwards), the seeds are sown for the whole operation's undoing. In 'Killer's Kiss' (1955), boxer Davy Gordon (Jamie Smith) finds himself in a world of trouble when he intervenes and saves dancer Gloria Price (Irene Kane) from her seedy and violent boss Vincent Raphello. Davy and Gloria fall in love and plan to leave the city and make a fresh start, but Vincent is angry and jealous and sends his men to kill the young lovers. Finally, in 'Paths of Glory' (1957), during the First World War, the French Army attempts to break the military stalemate by attacking a German position known as Ant Hill. The orders are received by Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas), who is aware that the task is virtually impossible and will result in many deaths. The mission takes place and is an inevitable failure, with many French casualties. Seeking a scapegoat for the humiliating defeat, the French decide to court-martial three innocent footsoldiers. Dax - a lawyer during his civilian life - decides to defend the men, but realises his only hope of success is in attacking his superiors.