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Collection of six film dramas based on true stories. In 'Too Young to Die?' (1989), 15-year-old Sue Bradley (Juliette Lewis) has not had an easy life: her stepfather abused her and her mother abandoned her. Matters go from bad to worse, however, when she takes up with unprincipled hustler Billy Canton (Brad Pitt), who gets her involved with alcohol, drugs and prostitution. Amy is befriended for a while by a kindly Army sergeant, but he breaks off the relationship when he realises how young she is. Billy persuades Amanda to take revenge, and, after a drugs and alcohol binge, together they kill the sergeant. When the law catches up with them, Amanda finds herself on trial for murder, the penalty for which - even for a teenager - is death. 'Darkness Before Dawn' (1993) tells the story of a nurse haunted by her troubled past. To hide the pain and escape from her memories, Sandra (Gwynyth Walsh) becomes a drug addict. She has a ready supply of drugs at the clinic she works at. Even falling in love with, and marrying, a patient does not help her. He has just come off heroin. But his troubles are just as deep down as her own, and when their baby is born, their troubles escalate into a drug induced nightmare. In 'Nicholas' Gift' (1998), a family holiday in Sicily turns into a nightmare when seven-year-old Nicholas (Gene Wexler) is shot. The parents (Jamie Lee Curtis and Alan Bates), keeping vigil at their dying son's bedside, are asked to make an almost impossible decision: to sanction the use of Nicholas' organs so that other children may be given the chance to live. 'Baby Snatcher' (1992) stars David Duchovny and tells the story of Bianca Hudson (Veronica Hamel), a desperate woman who abducts a new-born baby. Faking a pregnancy and then passing the stolen baby off as her own, Bianca leaves the mother of the kidnapped baby, Karen Williams (Nancy McKeon), with the task of explaining her child's disappearance. If Karen can't convince the public and the FBI that her baby has been stolen then she risks being condemned as a child-killer, so she takes matters into her own hands and sets out to find her baby herself. In 'All She Ever Wanted' (1996), happily married couple Denise and Tom lack only one thing - a child. Denise will do anything to give birth, but has a mental disorder which can only be treated by drugs which would be adverse to a pregnancy. However, she decides to risk everything in order to have the child she craves. In 'Dancing in the Dark' (1995), a successful dancer and loving wife is nearly raped by her father-in-law. Her husband refuses to believe her, saying that his father is incapable of such actions, for he is a leading member of the Texas legal community. The two men decide that she is lying and that she needs psychiatric help and so put her on prescription drugs. This causes her to react badly and she ends up in a mental institution, where her whole life starts to deteriorate badly. After seeing his wife suffer, he realises that he could have been wrong and that his father could easily have tried to rape her.