Stateline Motel

  |  88 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Stateline Motel Film Poster


Thriller starring Fabio Testi as Floyd, a criminal who on the day of his parole participates in a jewellery store robbery in downtown Toronto. The robbery takes a turn for the worse when Floyd's accomplice, Joe (Eli Wallach) starts shooting up the place and kills a young man. After a lengthy car chase, Floyd and Joe split up to meet again across the border. Joe entrusts Floyd with the diamonds and his car, which Floyd wrecks somewhere in the Canadian countryside. Floyd finds his way to the Last Chance Motel right out in the middle of nowhere, run by none else than Massimo Girotti (Baron Blood) and his intoxicating wife Michelle (Ursula Andress). During his uncomfortable stay there, Testi hires the local idiot (Howard Ross) to repair his car while he develops an affair with Michelle. Somewhere along the line the diamonds are stolen, and matters are further complicated when Joe shows up looking for revenge.

Contains one strong sex scene and infrequent strong violence
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