|  Buy to Own: 09/08/2004
  |  85 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Stylish action heist thriller directed by French filmmaker Gérard Pirès. A gang of smart young extreme sports enthusiasts, Slim (Stephen Dorff), Frank (Steven McCarthy), Otis (Clé Bennett) and Alex (Karen Cliche), have become experts at robbing banks and getting away by roller-blading or base-jumping. Slim, the group's leader, devises a final series of heist which will enable them to retire forever, netting over $20 million in five consecutive robberies to take place over a five-day period. But not only are the cops hot on the group's trail this time, led by the over-zealous Jake McGruder (Bruce Payne): villainous gangster Surtayne (Steven Berkoff) is after their loot as well...

Contains strong language and moderate sex, sexual references and violence.
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