Steptoe And Son: Series 6

  |  Buy to Own: 08/01/2007
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Steptoe And Son: Series 6 Film Poster


All episodes from the sixth series of the classic BBC television comedy about the father and son who run a junkyard and scrap metal business, played by Harry H. Corbett and Wilfrid Brambell. In this series, Albert knocks over Harold's good china cabinet and makes it look like a rather over-dramatic robbery - to predictably complicated results; Harold starts dating a 'Come Dancing' fanatic and has to take lessons. from Albert; The local Tory party wants Albert to entertain Ted Heath at the junk yard but Harold is not for it; Albert's new fiancée turns out to be Harold's ex; The Steptoes decide to move to an up market neighbourhood; Harold buys a second hand snooker table and becomes obsessed with beating Albert in at least this one sport; Harold buys a 19th century commode during his round and thinks he's made a killing; Albert's long lost son shows up from Australia, Albert offers him a partnership in the business but it turns out he's a lazy rotter; Episodes included: 'Robbery With Violence', 'Come Dancing', 'Two's Company', 'Tea For Two', 'Without Prejudice', 'Pot Black', 'The Three Feathers', 'Cuckoo In The Nest'.