Stigmata Hellraiser Children Of The Corn

  |  Buy to Own: 30/09/2002
  |  276 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


A horror triple bill. In 'Stigmata' when it comes to God, Pittsburgh hairdresser Frankie Paige (Patricia Arquette) is a firm non-believer. However, after receiving a gift of some rosary beads, Frankie begins suffering from stigmata - bleeding wounds on her hands correlating with those suffered by Christ on the cross. Father Andrew Kiernan (Gabriel Byrne) is sent to investigate by the Vatican, and although initially dismissive, gradually begins to realize that Frankie is carrying an important message for mankind. However, Kiernan's corrupt superior, Cardinal Houseman (Jonathan Pryce), wants Frankie's message stopped, and is prepared to resort to murder to achieve his aims. 'Hellraiser' is Clive Barker's screen adaptation of his novella 'The Hellbound Heart'. Sexual profligate Frank Cotton opens a Chinese puzzle box and discovers the entrance to Hell, where the resident 'Cenobites' rip the flesh off him. When Frank's brother Larry and his wife move into Frank's house, a skeletal Frank appears to his sister-in-law and asks her to supply him with corpses for his regeneration. Whilst in 'Children of the Corn' the arrival of child prophet Isaac in the drought-ridden Nebraskan town of Gatlin spells death for all the adults who live there. Isaac demands that the children of the town murder their parents to appease the evil presence in the corn and restore the rain. Three years on, a young couple arrive in the strangely quiet town by accident, unaware of the death sentence which must be carried out on all adults.