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  |  82 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Storm Film Poster


During a terrible storm, 12-year-old Freddy saves a dog from its volatile owner. Freddy names the dog Storm and hides him in his room. Soon Freddy's dad discovers the dog and insists on handing him back to his lawful owner. A terrified Freddy convinces his father they must save the dog and buy Storm. Nothings that simple, however, as Storms owner spots a good deal and demands an unreasonably large sum of money. Freddy must work hard to pay back the owner, but when the boy notices Storm is a fast runner he starts to train him at the local racetrack. Storm makes fast progress and Freddy signs him up for the dog championship if Storm wins, Freddy will be able to buy him for good and they can be together forever...