Stray Cat Rock Collection

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Meiko Kaji stars in this series of five Japanese cult films from the 1970s. In 'Delinquent Girl Boss' (1970) biker girl Ako (Akiko Wada) joins Mei (Kaji) and her gang after helping them to defeat some rivals. However, dangers lie ahead for the gang when they anger the criminal Seiyu Group and are forced to go on the run. In 'Wild Jumbo' (1970) C-ko (Kaji) and her friends plot to rob a religious organisation known as Shinkuo Gakkai after kidnapping its leader's mistress. In 'Sex Hunter' (1970) Mako (Kaji)'s all-girl gang the Alleycats run into trouble with male gang the Eagles due to their differing views over the mixed-race population. In 'Machine Animal' (1970) Maya (Kaji) and her gang get involved with a drugs deal to help a Vietnam War deserter flee the country. In the final film, 'Beat 71' (1971), after being framed for murder, gang leader Furiko (Kaji) breaks out of jail in an attempt to reunite with her boyfriend.