Street Fight

  |  Buy to Own: 18/08/2008
  |  83 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Oscar-nominated documentary examining the darker side of modern politics as a law school graduate challenges the mayor of Newark, New Jersey for the top job. When Corey Booker, Yale graduate, Rhodes scholar and member of Newark City Council, announced he was running for the mayorship in 2002, the resulting contest became one of the most acrimonious in modern political history. The sitting mayor, Sharpe James, a bruising, no-nonsense, 'machine' politician, had occupied the seat since the mid-1980s, his administration enjoying success but also suffering from accusations of corruption. As the rival campaigns squared up, Booker, a believer in more open government, found himself on the end of a vitriolic personal assault that questioned both his qualifications and his personality. As the intimidation intensified, James, like Booker of African-American descent, chose to question if Booker was 'black' enough, inferring he may actually be Jewish. The film charts how modern democratic freedoms can be subverted by intimidation, and the depths to which modern politics can degenerate if that intimidation is allowed to run unchecked.