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  |  85 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Psychological thriller with Mena Suvari involved in a gruesome hit-and-run accident that threatens to derail her future. After a hard night partying and too much drink, retirement-home carer Brandi (Suvari) decides to drive back home. Crossing town, she hits newly homeless down-and-out Tom (Stephen Rea), causing him to smash head first through her windscreen, leaving him impaled on the broken glass. In a state of panic, Brandi drives home, promising to take Tom, now conscious, to hospital. But when she realises that the accident could destroy her chances of promotion and consequently her future, she decides to leave Tom in the garage to die, when she can then dispose of the body with the help of her drug-dealer boyfriend. Bleeding to death, Tom realises what's happening and that he needs to escape - and fast.

Contains strong language, gore, sex and drug use
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