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  |  80 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Sublimate Film Poster


Director: Roger Armstrong, John Hickman, 80mins, UK, English. 2017. WORLD PREMIERE Roger, a middle-aged drug-addled techno producer and his best friend, alcoholic rapper John, attempt to bring about humanity's next stage of evolution. Their plan is to build a machine that bombards people with sound waves making the soul leave the body and become pure consciousness. With no scientific basis for their device and Roger’s growing psychopathic messiah complex, the one way trip to a “new age cosmological rave in the sky” soon becomes a dark, bloody journey driven by desperation for success and recognition. Based on a short film made for the SFL 48hr Challenge, this is a beautiful, raw, unflinching, nihilistic satire on twenty first century life – a tale of idiocy, delusion and obsession. Bloody brilliant stuff.