|  96 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Subterfuge Film Poster


Herb Freed directs this action movie in which a retired military operative is coaxed back to duty by the CIA to help with a crucial assignment. Jonathan Slade (Matt McColm) spends his days relaxing on the beach, a refreshing change from the intense demands of his former career. He is close to his brother Alfie (Jason Gould), a computer specialist who occasionally uses his skills to dabble in petty crime. When a plane carrying top secret cargo crashes into the Black Sea, Alfie is given the opportunity to use his skills for a truer purpose when he accompanies Jonathan to Russia on a mission to retrieve the aeroplane's black box. In Russia they meet up with the beautiful Alex (Amanda Pays) and the three swiftly find themselves caught up in a fast-paced adventure.