Super Santa Christmas Collection

Rated TBC by the BBFC


A triple-bill of family Christmas films. In 'The Christmas Miracle' (2009), becoming increasingly demoralised about her failure to find a job as Christmas approaches, singleton Ashley (Kari Hawker) is offered the chance to help her neighbour, Nick (Bruce Davison), help others anonymously in return for a regular income. There's only one proviso, that Nick's Secret Santa activities must be kept confidential. However, when Ashley becomes involved with magazine writer Will (K.C. Clyde), his nose for a good story soon has unforeseen consequences for all those involved. In 'All I Want for Christmas' (2008) stressed-out high-flying attorney Sophie Kelly (Lea Thompson) finds it hard to have any time for herself after taking care of the needs of her three children and adoring husband. Taking her children on a trip to Santa's grotto at the local mall, she finds herself wishing for a different life when he asks her what she would like. But when she suddenly finds herself transported into a new life as the single, dynamic boss of a successful law firm, Sophie quickly realises that sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. Finally, in the mockumentary 'Stalking Santa' (2006) Dr. Lloyd Darrow (Chris Clark) sets out to prove the existence of Santa Claus. Along with his colleague, Clarence (Daryn Tufts), Darrow begins to collect extraordinary evidence as the pair prepare to come face to face with old St. Nick on Christmas night. Their search takes them to the pyramids of Egypt, to the Shopping Plaza in Polka City, Ohio, and even the Roswell crash site. But Darrow's obsession with discovering the truth might just cost him his family and his own sanity.