Supercar: The Complete Series

  |  Buy to Own: 25/04/2005
  |  975 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All thirty-nine episodes from the first and second series of the Gerry Anderson-produced puppet children's programme. Pilot Mike Mercury takes the wheel of the amazing Supercar, a vehicle that can travel from outer space to the depths of the ocean, ably assisted by Professor Popkiss and Dr Beaker. In these series, Mike fights the sinister Masterspy, helps Scotland Yard foil a series of daring robberies, and help the New York police defuse a number of atomic bombs. Episodes from series one are: 'Rescue'; 'False Alarm'; 'Talisman of Sargon'; 'What Goes Up'; 'Amazonian Adventure'; 'Grounded'; 'Keep It Cool'; 'Jungle Hazard'; 'High Tension'; 'Island Incident'; 'Ice-Fall'; 'Phatom Piper'; 'Pirate Plunder'; 'A Little Art'; 'Flight of Fancy'; 'Deep Seven'; 'Hostage'; 'The Sunken Temple'; 'The Lost City'; 'Trapped in the Depths'; 'Dragon of Ho Meng'; 'Magic Carpet'; 'Supercar Take One'; 'Crash Landing'; 'The Tracking of Masterspy' and 'The White Line'. Episodes from series two are: 'The Runaway Train'; 'Precious Cargo'; 'Operation Superstork'; 'Hi-Jack'; 'Calling Charlie Queen'; 'Space for Mitch'; 'The Sky's the Limit'; '70-B-Lo'; 'Atomic Witch Hunt'; 'Jail Break'; 'The Day That Time Stood Still'; 'Transatlantic Cable' and 'King Cool'.