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  |  80 min
Rated 12 by the BBFC
Supercross Film Poster


Motorbiking drama. Obsessed with motorcycles, orphaned brothers K.C. (Steve Howey) and Trip (Mike Vogel) clean pools to support their hunger for competitive motocross racing, dreaming of the day when they can get professional sponsorship and compete in the stadium event known as Supercross. Younger Trip is a loose cannon, constantly taking risks that make him a liability for a professional team. As a result, K.C. is the first to get sponsored. Unfortunately, just before his first race, he finds that he was hired simply to make sure that no one gets near the team's star, Rowdy Sparks (Channing Tatum). K.C.'s jealousy gets the best of him until he embarks on a romance with a spirited young female rider, Piper Cole (Cameron Richardson), whose biker father (Robert Patrick) sees a potential winner in Trip and decides to give him sponsorship.

Contains one use of strong language
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