Surfer, Dude

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  |  85 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Surfer, Dude Film Poster


A 2008 film comedy starring Matthew McConaughey as Steve Addington, a laid back, dope smoking surfer. When Steve (McConaughey) goes back to his home town of Malibu, he finds it isn't the same chilled out place it used to be. Steve just wants to surf while all his old friends have moved on, no longer sharing his relaxed attitude and love of surfing. When no wave appears in the Pacific for days on end, an old friend-turned-businessman tries to persuade Steve to record some of his surfing moves for a virtual reality game, but Steve sees this as 'selling out'. Temptation, however, begins to rear its head...

Contains strong language and frequent soft drugs use and references
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