Suspension of Disbelief

  |  Book Tickets: 05/07/2013
  |  Buy to Own: 19/07/2013
  |  112 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


Film noir mystery directed by Mike Figgis and starring Sebastian Koch. Martin (Koch) is an accomplished writer of cinema and theatre who now teaches his trade to film school students. After the disappearance of his wife 15 years prior, he has been left alone to raise his daughter Sarah (Rebecca Night) who aspires to be an actress like her mother. At her 25th birthday party, Martin encounters the mysterious Angelique (Lotte Verbeek) who is found dead the next morning. An investigation by the police leads to Martin being the prime suspect and with the arrival of Angelique's twin sister Therese comes even more questions concerning their brief fling.

Contains strong language, once very strong, and strong sex references
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