|  Buy to Own: 20/10/2008
  |  99 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
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Haunting psychological drama about a grieving widow's search for closure after the tragic death of her husband and son. The life of Ana (Minnie Driver) changes forever when fate causes her to meet Saul (Jeremy Brenner). A chronic gambler in trouble with local loan-sharks who threaten his life unless he makes good on his debts, Saul tries to get funds by attempting robbery and through his actions is responsible for the deaths of Ana's husband and young son. As the years pass, Ana is haunted by her loss, unable to reach closure. With Saul now on death row and shortly to be executed, Ana decides to travel across country to meet the man who has devastated her life, hoping to finally lay her ghosts to rest.

Contains moderate violence and execution scene
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