Taking Sides

  |  Buy to Own: 06/09/2004
  |  104 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Taking Sides Film Poster


Set in Germany in 1946, this thoughtful political drama is based on the true story of Dr Wilhelm Furtwängler (played here by Stellan Skarsgård), Germany's leading conductor and head of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra during World War 2. Following the end of the war and the collapse of the Third Reich, the allied forces are intent on imposing law and order on a bombed-out occupied Berlin, and are keen to set an example by being seen to prosecute an eminent public figure for Nazi collaboration. US Major Steve Arnold (Harvey Keitel) is sent, disguised as an insurance salesman, to investigate the strong and complex connections between Furtwängler and the Nazi regime. But to his dismay, nothing is as simple as he had hoped it would be, and his desire for a swift and ruthless prosecution is thwarted by the complex web of loyalties and politics in which he finds himself increasingly entangled.

Contains strong language
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