Terminator 3 True Lies Last Action Hero

  |  Buy to Own: 03/10/2005
  |  370 min
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Triple-bill of Arnold Schwarzenegger action. In 'Terminator 3' (2003), ten years on from the last sequel finds John Connor (Nick Stahl) living on the streets and his mother, Sarah, long since dead. Their efforts to prevent Judgement Day were futile, although Connor does not know this, and once again he is the target of Terminators from the future. This time his enemy is female (Kristianna Loken) and even more powerful than her predecessors. However, the resistance sends another robot (Schwarzenegger) back from the future to help keep Connor, and his future wife, alive. In 'True Lies' (1994), Schwarzenegger stars as US secret agent Harry Tasker. Tasker's bored housewife, Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis), believes her husband to be a salesman, blissfully unaware of his espionage activities even after fifteen years of marriage. Suspecting Helen of conducting an affair, Harry uses all the resources at his disposal to find out what's going on. He is shocked to discover that she is falling for used car salesman Simon (Bill Paxton), who has wooed her by claiming to be a spy. However, when Helen and Harry are both captured by a gang of Arab terrorists, he is forced to reveal his true profession. Finally, in 'Last Action Hero' (1993), Danny (Austin O'Brien), a dedicated young fan of action star Jack Slater (Schwarzenegger), is given a magic cinema ticket by his local projectionist which transports him into his hero's latest film, in which the good guys always win. However, one of Slater's enemies gets hold of the magic ticket and ends up in Danny's world where he finds a way to finally kill off Slater.