Terra Nova

  |  Buy to Own: 13/06/2011
Rated 15 by the BBFC
Terra Nova Film Poster


It's survival of the fittest for a group of exiled prisoners, in this action adventure from Russian director Aleksandr Melnik. After averting a life sentence by opting to accept exile to the Arctic island Terra Nova, mass-murderer Ivan Zhilin (Konstantin Lavronenko) finally arrives along with 200 other prisoners. Discovering that the promised food rations have been eaten by the native wildlife, the prisoners soon divide into rival gangs, and a fierce, bloody battle for survival ensues, resulting in Monkey (Pavel Sborschikov) and his cannabalistic followers gaining control. Deciding to escape the bloodletting, Ivan strikes out on his own, accompanied by fellow exile Nikolai (Andrei Feskov). But in the following months, as Ivan and Nikolai dream of escaping the island once and for all, they begin to realise any hopes of escape rest with gaining the help of Monkey.

Contains strong bloody violence, strong language and sex references
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