Tetsujin 28: Volume 1 - Monster Resurrected

  |  Buy to Own: 24/04/2006
  |  125 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Five episodes of the anime series from the creators of 'Giant Robo'. Professor Kaneda mistakenly believes that he has lost his son during the heavy bombing of Tokyo during WWII, and creates the ultimate soldier robot, Tetsujin, as a substitute for his son, Shotaro. To prevent it falling into the hands of evil men, Kaneda hides the robot on an island. Ten years after the war, Tetsujin is finally resurrected in the rubble of the Tokyo Tower by the professor's protege, Shikishima. Meanwhile, the lonely orphan has grown up to become a genius boy detective and together Shotaru and his beloved Tetsujin join forces to fight against the forces of evil in post-war Japan. Episodes are: 'The Resurrection Of Shotaro', 'No.28 vs No.27', 'The Arrival of Monster Robot', 'The Other Tetsujin Project' and 'Tetsujin vs Black Ox'.